5 Minutes of Fame – July 2020

So EXCITED to Launch a Brand New Property Pillars Club Activity called “5 Mins of Fame”.

This is a Zoom Networking Event like no other. All our Members are invited to participate. The Zoom will be broadcast across all our Social Media Platforms.

This is the time we invite all our colleagues, friends and followers to watch us as we tell them about our amazing property stories. The challenges, the obstacles and the achievements.

Don’t worry if you got a bad experience we can all hear about it so we learn from each other. So don’t be shy, let’s have fun and get some Fame as we celebrate you in 5 minutes of FAME.

You have 5 mins to Tell the World what you do in Property and what you are looking to achieve. It’s a great way to get known and to build your Network.


For details about our Investment Opportunities or Training. email: [email protected]