Property Pillars is a “Club” set up to serve its membership by hosting very knowledgeable and experienced speakers and leaders in Property related activities. At Property Pillars we cater for 3 types of members

  • The Newbie, first timers eager and hungry to learn, invest and partner with experienced property people.
  • The Investor Landlord, People who are well on the journey and know that being in the right network with access to the right opportunities makes the difference. At Property Pillars we host in our “Deal room” Transactions from a few thousands well in to hundreds of millions.
  • Experts, Authorities in Law, Diverse Finance, Tax, Digital Marketing, Complex Deals, Developments, Joint ventures, International transactions, Land Development, Surveying, Architecture, Conversions, Planning, Designing and Delivering Presentations and more. Every month we have experts address our members.

Bonus: Members will also, benefit from peer to peer activities, which makes us a “Social Club” Every month after our events we have socialising and networking that goes on to the early hours of the morning.

Apart from our Monthly meet ups we have an Annual Luxury cruise with a very special guest speaker and lots of social activities on the cruise. Property Pillars also hosts a quarterly Dine with the Experts, which is a more intimidate gathering of members and a brilliant guest speaker.


• To attract, support and help scale to new streams of Income 10,000 newbies in property within the next 10 years.
• To grow a Home-base and community for people interested in property so they can communicate and bond via social media platforms as well as monthly meet ups.
• To nurture members and prepare them for” Deal room” “Presentations” “Joint Ventures” and for first timers to help them start their property journey.
• To make our” Members only learning Academy the most relevant and accurate pool of property insights so our members can succeed faster than the average property investor.
• To Learn and evolve together as a group, sharing that opening learning culture.
• To use our “Deal Room” as a key facilitator of deals
• To Celebrate growth and success of our members irrespective of where they are on their journeys
• To Support members, during trying or challenging times.


Our Values are based on true and transparent sharing of expert knowledge, we are firstly a Business club and 2ndly a Social Club hence every transaction should be done with the purpose of Profitability for the “House” as well as members hence Membership fees and other fees that apply to speaking or deal room activities.
Our Social Values are clear, we believe that business is delivered when you “Know” and “Feel” right on the inside with the other person. As humans this sometimes comes instantly but most of the time it comes through building relationships. We encourage our members to attend meetings, socialise and share information in the “Online groups” so people can connect with you better.

Our Founder is a Lawyer, and a key good practice we encourage is having agreements written clearly to avoid ambiguity and unnecessary misunderstanding (Ask for our 5 tips to carving a laymans agreement)

Being Kind to each other, this also means not beating ourselves up over mistakes but rather living and learning from these. Put this way “We either Win or we Learn” We never Fail.
Importantly, we are a giving club, annually we will seek to support people who just haven’t being as fortunate as us for whatever reason. We just believe in giving people “Hope” and “Another Chance to win” This comes from a place of Love and Respect for us all as Humans no matter who you are.


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