Drop-In Drinks, a year-round fixture on the Property Pillars Club calendar, is an opportunity to engage in elite networking with like-minded individuals in an unrivalled setting. Everyone is welcome, whether they are regulars or newcomers to the Family!

Our partners and fellow members will be introduced to you at member-only networking events.

Swap stories and ideas, or learn more about the Property Pillars Club to help your business or personal life.

All of our members are powerful business people in their own right, and each venue has something unique to offer.

Over a glass of something cold at the end of a business day, engage in lively real estate philosophical discussion. Each event is optional, but it is designed to help you get the most out of your membership.

Networking events are no doubt the most enjoyable and successful way to do business and our members’ website and dedicated team will give you advertising opportunities, services and consultations designed to help your business grow.