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Property Sourcing

You are in the right network if one of your goals is sourcing properties and deals in the UK. Rather than search and trawl the Internet for deals we are here to place those deals right in front of you in a fraction of the time it would take you, so you can apply your time to what you really want to do. Joint Ventures, Below Market Value deals and Profitable Opportunities. Saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds per transaction. Also making the entire process streamlined.

Whether you are a Foreign Principle Interest, Private Investor, Seasoned Landlord or first time Investor, Property Pillars Source Properties for the sole purpose of Maximum Returns on Investment. Property Pillars will Source and buy Professionally and Confidentially to help expand your Property Portfolio.

Our Principles of Good Property Sourcing Include:

  • Current Market Value vs Below Market Value Prices
  • Early Stage Regeneration Opportunities.
  • Best Chance for maximum rental yield and continuous growth.
  • Cities with the Greatest Demand and Lowest Vacancy Rates.
  • Resale and Flips of Good Quality Builds.
  • Favourable Supply Vs Demand Fundamentals.
  • Areas of Positive Rental Returns.
  • Government Incentives, e.g. Stamp duty, Relief schemes.
  • Environment for Enterprise, Culture and Quality of Life.
  • Positive Employment Prospects.
  • Recreation Access for Work, Rest and Play.

Many Areas have gone through and are going through Urban regeneration which Increases the value of its real estate ultimately this becomes an opportunity for You to create wealth. Our Team at Property Pillars help our Clients Build and Grow the Profitability of your Portfolio.

Property Acquisitions

Brokerage Services

Conveyancing Services

Lettings and Management

At Property Pillars we have a 7 point due diligence policy we apply to vet every potential tenant, We research Properties suitability and oversee terms of tenancy agreements, property maintenance and periodic property visits, aspects of furniture, bedding, drapery, white goods, decorations, attend viewings normally from morning up till 7 pm and we will produce a detailed short report of property, estimated margins and renovation costs and competitive pricing even from a distance.

We can manage your property and assist with any data including from the National Union of Students and UCAS to locate student proximity to universities.

We can Let from 1-5 Bedroom flats, student accommodation, houses, cottages, detached or terraced houses.

Property Pillars Sourcing Package and Project Management.

  • £250 Initial Commitment Fee
  • 1.25% of Purchase Cost or £3,600 minimum (Payable on Completion)
  • 10% of Refurbishment

Costs or Minimum £1,000 (Payable on Works Completion)

So, how do you get on this Profitable path?

  • Contact us right now
  • Receive our latest deals through our off-market email communication list.
  • A Commitment fee paid and a clearly defined NDA is signed.
  • Manage the buying process
    Project manage costings, deal negotiation, purchase process, refurbishments with photographs and videos.
  • £250 Initial fee.


Legal Consultancy

HMO Licensing Compliance

We specialise in HMO compliance, HMO applications, HMO designs and layout, maximising your return and renting and managing HMO properties and rooms. We also project manage the refurbishment process again to ensure the new lay out is complaint with any property laws.

Having owned my own agencies I fully understand the sales and rental market. Having a 100% record in getting HMO licenses for my clients and advising them when they may be in breach for any property laws. We are all about protecting the client from any HMO fines and ensuring the tenants have a safe and clean property to live in. This means they stay for longer and pay a higher rate of rent.

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One-to-One Property Consultation